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Without exception, the BLP trainees are collaborative, passionate and accomplished young researchers. They demonstrate leadership and are characterized by a pay-it-forward attitude, teaching and mentoring other students. We invite you to use the links below to learn more about the trainees in our program!



Josh Brake

Changhuei Yang

Pradeep Ramesh

Mikhail Shapiro

Zach Shao

Julia Kornfield

Bradley Silverman

David Tirrell

Kevin Yang

Frances Arnold

Ruijie (Kelly) Zhang

Frances Arnold

Robert (Rob) Hurt

Mikhail Shapiro

Zhewei Chen

Niles Pierce

Benjamin Laccetti

Julie Kornfield

Xinyan Liu

David Tirrell

Reem Abdel-Haq

Sarkis Mazmanian

Heidi Klumpe

Michael Elowitz

Anupama Lakshmanan

Mikhail Shapiro

Daniel Martin

Changheui Yang

Daryl Yee

Julia Greer

Aiden Aceves

Steve Mayo

Jacob Barlow

Rustem Ismagilov

Miggy Chuapoco

Viviana Gradinaru

Anders Knight

Frances Arnold

Yu-Li Ni

Markus Meister

Andrey Vyatskikh

Julia Greer

Kadina Johnston

Frances Arnold

Michael Porter

Rustem Ismagilov

Sam Davidson

Lulu Qian

Current trainees and their mentors are encouraged to contact the BLP Program Director (Frances Arnold) with comments, concerns and questions about the program.