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Applying to the Biotechnology Training Program

Nominations to the Biotechnology Leadership Pre-doctoral Training Program will be solicited in March/April. Appointments are expected to begin in August. 

The Steering Committee meets to review nominations and recommend new trainee appointments. The program aims to have a trainee cohort with a diversity of personal and academic backgrounds. 

Students from underrepresented minority groups, women and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. 

 Evaluation Criteria include:

  • Eligibility
  • Academic excellence
  • Relevance of student’s research to NIH training grant goals
  • Strong interest in the BLP's focus on industrial activities, career development, entrepreneurship
  • Clear commitment to future research in nano/micro medicine
  • Ability to interact productively with others
  • Potential for collaborative research & industry interactions
  • Preference will be given to nominees who have completed at least one laboratory rotation project (or who provide a written commitment to do so)
  • Students may be appointed as trainees without receiving funding from the T32. We have several trainees currently in the BLP who do not receive funding from the T32. Some of them have fellowships (e.g. NSF or from a non-US country), some of them are supported by their Division, some are funded by their mentors on grants. Essentially, we consider all of these as “mentor-supported,” to make it clear that their funding originates from somewhere other than the T32.
    • Students may check both the "funded" and "mentor-supported" boxes on the application, depending on their needs and interest in the program.
  • Once someone is in the program, there is no distinction based on where their funding is from - all trainees are allowed to (and expected to) participate fully in the program.
  • Mentors may nominate more than one student per cycle. All of the nominees are considered in the same pool.
  • Students who are currently in their first year (G1) at Caltech may apply to the program. Students who have not yet matriculated at Caltech are not eligible.
  • Lab rotations are short projects whose length depends upon the graduate option. 
  • Nomination packages cannot be submitted by students. The program will only consider packages submitted by the mentor or a delegated administrator.


Submitting a Nomination

The nomination package should be compiled into a single PDF labeled with the student’s name, submission date and faculty mentor name (Smith_063015_Arnold). The PDF must contain the following:

  • Signed Nomination Letter from the Faculty Mentor
    • On Department letterhead, the mentor should provide an evaluation of the student’s aptitude for the program, an indication of the kind of industrial biotechnology experience the student may pursue during their graduate work, and a commitment from the mentor to participate in BLP activities.
  • Student’s 250-word “Personal Statement” describing their interest in the program and expected impact on their future career
  • Student’s resume/CV
  • Nominee GPA and GRE Form (completed and signed by student)
  • Nominee Information Form (completed and signed by student)
  • Lab Rotation Information Form (completed and signed by student; signed by proposed rotation faculty mentor and faculty mentor if applicable)
  • Internship Commitment Form (signed by student and mentor)
  • Equal Opportunity Query Form (completed and signed by student)
Required forms are provided as a fillable PDF here (only available for download from a Caltech IP address).

Mentors (or a designated administrator) must submit the nomination package (as a single PDF) to:

*If email link fails to open, please type or copy/paste address into your email program of choice.