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Acceptance into the BLP will be contingent upon formal agreement of the trainee and mentor to organize and complete a 2-3 month industrial internship in their first year in the training program. This requirement may be waived for students whose background includes previous industry experience (at the discretion of the BLP Director). Trainees retain their student status during the internship. 

Candidates are required to provide their top three choices for an internship in their application to the BLP. Upon appointment, each trainee will meet with the BLP Director or a designated faculty member to discuss internship plans. The purpose of this meeting is to develop a timeline for identifying company contacts, reaching out for information, negotiating terms of the internship, and coordinating involvement of relevant Caltech resources in this process. The trainee will be expected to provide updates on their progress at quarterly meetings with the Director or the designated faculty member.

Each trainee, with the help of his/her mentor, is expected to identify an appropriate industry sponsor for the internship and develop a preliminary description for the proposed 2-3 month project. These will be submitted for review by the BLP Director at least 60 days prior to the start of the internship. The BLP Director, Steering Committee and the Executive Director of the Rosen Bioengineering Center may also provide informal guidance and suggestions if requested.

Please refer to the Internship Advice & Contacts page for more info.

Basic internship information and advice is available from the Career Development Center.